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While maintaining a hand in construction and development, including a successful recent foray into the south Florida market, Guberman has now added another dimension to his career and title, Business Consultant.

This new consulting division is dedicated to assisting and supporting other developers, real estate professionals, lawyers, investors and condo boards navigate some of the more challenging aspects of this highly competitive and difficult industry. In addition to the work in the real estate field, the consulting also includes helping new businesses in various spaces launch and develop profitability. This Consulting work includes, among other matters:


Real Estate Consulting:

  • Operational Support
  • Financial Planning
  • Development of systems and protocols
  • HR assistance and recruiting talent
  • Managing costs and auditing expenses
  • Sourcing funding to facilitate growth and acquisitions
  • Partnership Mediation

The Consulting venture has proved to be a great fit as Guberman has helped business clients maximize financial returns, negotiate favorable insurance settlements, carefully build their portfolios, fine tune business operations, analyze and provide guidance on acquisitions and measured growth and in the real estate space, provide cost/exit projections, source off market deals, secure loans, while avoiding the myriad pitfalls Guberman has experienced in his own career.

He will always say he has learned much more from his many mistakes and missteps’ than from his successes!